What hours are your offices open during the year?

Our opening days and times. Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm. After hour’s appointments by arrangement.


Can you prepare multiple years returns at the same time?

No problem with DASperth’s Accounting Services! We can prepare and lodge all past year’s returns in one go. The current year’s refunds will be returned in the normal period but you may have to wait a bit with refunds coming from the ATO for previous years returns.


How do I apply for an ABN?

We have your business start-up needs covered. We can advise on the best structure for your purpose and set up your ABN, Tax file number, Company registrations and business name registrations, email our office for your 1st free consultation to discuss your needs. Or you can setup your own ABN through the Australia Governments website .


Can I have your fee taken from my refund?

You certainly can! The fee is deducted from your ATO refund once it comes through and before it hits your bank account alternatively we can send you a cheque.

There is an administration fee for us to process the fee through your refund.

If you have any ATO debts or unpaid child support and other overpaid DOCS charges, unpaid HECS charges in these circumstances we can’t deduct our fee from your refund.


What is Audit Insurance?

DAS Perth’s Accounting Services offer an insurance service which covers the cost of work required to answer the ATO’s audit requests. It provides peace of mind that you do not have to pay for our services whilst we ensure the ATO’s request are meet in a timely manner. We have been able to save our clients thousands in fees and ensure their ATO audits are dealt with professionally and timely.


Where are we?

Our physical address is 8/11 Ventnor Ave, West Perth, if you would like to walk in and see us, or alternatively we can Skype, and email to complete your returns. We are also able to visit businesses at their premises.

Click on the contact me and there is a google map to show our location.


Can I use cloud accounting?

We are experts in cloud accounting packages and can advise on the best one to use for your business. We can set it up and train you how to use it or we can manage it all for you. We offer packages with monthly fixed fees so you know exactly where you are and we can organise a backup system so you have your data when you want it. Contact our office on 0892284622 or email info@dasperth.com.au if you would like to find out more.


I want to start my own business where do I start?

We specialise in helping new businesses start up, we did this ourselves. A few pointers to start with are write your business plan, type of structure, business name, ABN, type of bank account, how you will accept payments, how will you keep a record of the business transactions, marketing. Make an appointment for a free initial consult to discuss your business email info@dasperth.com.au .


What is Succession Planning?

Now you have a great business you need to put a plan in place for the succession of your business. This is a forgotten step but very important. We can step you through the decisions to be made and put a plan together which won’t over complicate things. Call on 0892284622 or email info@dasperth.com.au.


How do I setup a company?

Company’s need to be registered with ASIC who charge an initial registration fee and an ongoing annual review fee. You will need this information to complete the ASIC form, choosing a company name, deciding how to operate your company, understanding your legal obligations as an officeholder, getting the consent of those involved in your company, registering your company, and understanding your legal obligations regarding your company name, Australian Company Number (ACN) and Australian Business Number (ABN).

We are a registered ASIC agent and can setup a new company for you it can take less than a day. Email info@dasperth.com.au


Bookkeeping, what records should I be keeping?

The ATO recommend you keep your tax documents for a least 5 years. Therefore keeping records electronically can be a good space saving method. As each business is different so too are the records and the way they keep their books. Generally you need to keep all the expense receipts and all the sales invoices issued. We have helped many of our clients work out exactly what book keeping needs they require. For example a client who is paid at the point of sale does not need to record each transaction into a sales ledger. Many of our clients use cloud accounting which minimises the data entry and hand written cash books. However if you like to hand write your books we can also help with this, call us to arrange a meeting to chat about your needs we ensure to make it easy to understand.


Can I claim travel for my work?

It is possible to claim travel for your work, and this is a great deduction to claim. However, generally speaking, travel between your home and work isn’t deductible, although there are exceptions. Travel between jobs on the same day and travel for work (i.e. visiting clients, doing pick-ups or deliveries) can be claimed. If you use public transport then keep all receipts and/or diary records – they are claimable too. If you use your own car then you need to keep a logbook of all business mileage travelled and all expenses of the car including petrol, repairs, registration, insurance and interest on a car loan. At DASperth’s Accounting Services, we even offer all of our clients a complimentary log-book that you can keep in your vehicle, which makes keeping records much more convenient.


Will I be penalised for lodging my return late?

You may receive a fine and/or interest penalty charge from the ATO if you lodge your return late so really try to be on time. DASperth’s Accounting Services’ has lodgement extension facilities that will help to minimise such charges. Contact DASperth’s Accounting Services via email info@dasperth.com.au so we can notify the ATO that you are now a DASperth’s Accounting Services client to enable your access to these extensions.


I have an investment property what can I deduct?

Basic deductions for investment property include loan interest, repairs, council rates and water charges. We can email you a check list of the requirements and ensure you are getting all the allowable deductions for your circumstances.


What is an SMSF?

SMSF means self-managed superannuation fund. It is a fund which is setup to receive your superannuation payments from your employer or business, you control where you invest these funds, which can include shares, term deposits, property. There are strict rules provided in the SIS act which have to be followed to allow the running of the SMSF. We provide a free consult on the advantages and disadvantages of a self-managed super fund. We have helped many clients change their retail super funds to SMSF and they have successfully used the tax advantages and investment opportunities. Contact our office to find out more on 0892284622 or email info@dasperth.com.au.


Do I have to lodge a tax return?

Some individuals don’t have to lodge a tax return but it depends on your situation which can differ due to age, income and expenses. Your best bet is to come in and have a chat or email us at DASperth’s Accounting Services. No harm in asking!


I have received a dividend statement, what do I do?

You need to include dividends and any other interest earned on bank accounts, even if it’s just a few dollars or if the bank account is now closed – you need to declare it. There are also some deductions which can be claimed against your other income so contact DASperth’s Accounting Services to make sure you have all your receipts.


How much can I claim on my motor vehicle?

There are different methods for claiming expenses in relation to the business use of your motor vehicle. These claims can be a tad complex so to maximise your potential claim you should maintain a daily mileage log book for at least three months of the year and a record of any expenses for the full year. Call DASperth’s Accounting Services 0892284622 or email info@dasperth.com.au for a copy of our Log Book template and a brief explanation of how to record and maintain it, we provide this free to our clients.


How long will my refund take?

The ATO recommend 28 processing days once your return has been lodged. We have experience a far quicker turnaround of approximately 5-10 days. We advise contacting us after 21 days if you have not had your refund DASperth’s Accounting Services can contact the ATO and get to the bottom of the situation for you.


How much do you charge?

The more complex the return, the more it may cost; but our prices are very reasonable and competitive. Pop into a branch for a free no obligation quote or call 08 92284622 and we’ll work it out with you. We can take the fee from your refund, we also accept visa and Mastercard, eftpos, cheque, cash and offer a direct debit instalment service for fees over $500.

We won’t get started on your tax return submission, until we chat or exchanged emails with you and you tell us to go ahead.