Accounting/Cloud Accounting System Design


Accounting system design includes:

  • Setting up a good customised chart of accounts
  • Choosing and supervising bookkeepers
  • Choosing the right accounting software
  • Creating an efficient system

The end result is better management reports which give you the power to make better decisions.


Outsourced CFO, Cash flow and business finance management

Cash is the king, without cash in the bank we can’t fund our day to day operations. When your business is growing rapidly, healthy cash flow is vital to fund expansion.

DASperth will help you manage cash flow to fuel your growth and avoid nasty surprises.


Common cash flow challenges:

  • Managing debtors and creditors
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Business modelling and planning


How we can help

We’ve been there! DASperth started from scratch so we know the fundamentals to ensure you can run your business.

Using this experience, we’ll make sure your business model and plan is designed to keep cash flowing and give you the tools to manage cash flow as your business grows. This includes managing debtors and creditors which can have a dramatic effect on how much working capital is available to you.

Funding is also key to growth and you’ll benefit from our close relationships with business bankers and financiers.

If you need the knowledge and expertise of a Chief Financial Officer but not on a permanent or full time basis we can provide an experienced CFO to help your management team make sound financial decisions.

Why use an outsourced CFO?

  • Get first class financial advice
  • No need for a full time employee on a high salary
  • Strengthens your board in the eyes of investors


How we can help

Within the DASperth team we have trusted CPA qualified people with extensive commercial and accounting experience. You can benefit from their skills as you require them.

While we use the phrase outsourced, your CFO will quickly become a trusted member of your team. They will get involved in every financial area that is of importance to your business growth:

  • Cash flow management
  • Budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • Banking
  • Legal and auditing relationships
  • Tax planning and reporting
  • Corporate governance and investor communications
  • Strategic planning
  • Capital raising


Outsourced accounting/book keeping team

Time and cost constraints mean it is hard to employ full time staff to handle these duties and you might not want your internal staff to see the business finances.

DASperth has the solution, we can manage your book keeping and ensure the following:

  • Payroll is managed
  • Creditors paid
  • Debtors chased up
  • GST compliance managed
  • Accounting data is accurate and up to date

The team at DASperth will go that step further to and highlight your customised key performance indicators at intervals your request, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly so your time is not spent searching for this information.


Tax Advisory Services

We’ll make sure you are not being held back by tax. If you are making a profit in your business we need to make sure we have your tax plan managed. DASperth can ensure you pay as little tax as possible and plan ahead so you don’t get an unexpected tax bill and we can help with other taxes like GST.

Common tax challenges

  • Are we paying too much tax?
  • How do we plan to avoid nasty tax surprises?
  • What’s the most tax efficient company structure?


How we can help?

We’ll help you legally minimise your tax, manage risk and improve your cash flow all without affecting your bottom line. This leaves you to focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that we are looking after your tax affairs.

The tax solution is different for every business – we never use a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we will connect with you face to face to create your tax strategy. The personal approach is central to our tax team and we will meet with you regularly to fine tune your tax plan.

Our tax team is led by Tax Manager Pete Sanders. Pete is a very experienced practitioner who takes a research intensive approach to tax management. He is passionate about developing strong relationships with clients, getting to know their needs to ensure he gets the very best for each and every client.

Pete is supported by Andrew Findlay, with a lifetime of experience in tax.


Specific Tax Services

  • Representation in taxation disputes, audits and investigations
  • Tax based restructures
  • Tax compliance
  • Effective structure design
  • Drafting private rulings
  • Drafting appeals and objections
  • Negotiation with tax authorities
  • Strategic tax advice
  • Solution-based transaction advice on mergers, acquisitions and divestments


Indirect Tax

Direct income tax is one aspect, but what about indirect taxes in your business?

DASperth accounting team can help with GST and related services like stamping, lodgements and other compliance hurdles.


We can also help with:

  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Land Tax
  • Stamp Duties (State by State)
  • Fuel Grants
  • Research and Development concessions


International tax

Does your business trade in different countries? Just as the global economy is borderless, so is our tax advice. We have got hands on experience to make global tax compliance simple.


Some of the international tax services we commonly help with:

  • International tax advice
  • Transfer pricing
  • Thin capitalisation
  • Inward international tax services
  • Expatriate services
  • Interpretation of tax treaties