Starting up is the a very exciting and nerve racking part of a business, let us hold your hand, show you the business setup you’ll need for your personal situation and guide you each step of the way to ensure your business finances are managed right from the start. We have personal experience of every stage of business these lessons can be of great value to you as you start your business journey.


Accounting/Cloud Accounting System Design

Accounting system design includes:

  • Setting up a good customised chart of accounts
  • Choosing and supervising bookkeepers
  • Choosing the right accounting software
  • Creating an efficient system

The end result is better management reports which give you the power to make better decisions.


Cloud Accounting

You need up to the minute live data, you don’t need heaps of data entry.

Small businesses can’t be successful if they ignore their numbers. Cloud accounting gives you accurate, live data that is current and can be designed to give you key indicators to help you manage your business. Using automated services like bank feeds gives you more time to work on the business.




What is the right software for my business?

If you’re ready to move to the cloud, we’ll help you choose the right software for your start up. That means right for today and right for where you want to be in the future. Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks or Reckon all have their strengths and weaknesses and suit some businesses better than others. We’ll make sure you get the software that fits your business best.


How do I move from desktop software to the cloud?

Moving from desktop systems can be daunting but our team of cloud accounting specialists will make your transition seamless. Your historical data will be brought across and we’ll make sure your team are trained in your new cloud accounting package.


Is my data secure?

Once you’re up and running, we’ll keep an eye on your setup, making sure your financial data is in good order.

Cloud Accounting Software allows you to see your cash flow in real time as soon as you log in. This means you can track all the key elements of your business in one place. As your accountant we can ensure you are on the right track at all times. We can give you real time advice based on real time numbers.


See how you can benefit from Cloud Accounting.

Xero Silver Partner MYOB Reckon Quickbooks


Business Finance

Need to raise capital. Finance is a good solution to easy cash flow and ensure you don’t give up your equity.

We can help you find the right financing option and make a successful application to the lender.


Common finance challenges:

  • Harder to get finance as a start up
  • No track record, cash or assets to borrow against
  • Which banks lend to start ups?


How we can help

We’ll put you on the right track with a plan to raise money.

We’ve years of experience helping start-ups like yours to demonstrate credibility to lenders and fund their growth.

The business finance team will help you decide which kind of finance suits your business. We’ll explain the different options in a face-to-face chat.

Once we’ve found the best solution, we’ll use our contacts in the financial sector. You’ll be speaking to the right people and fast.

Suncorp Bank


Business Planning

Planning is vital to a business’s direction and implementation. A plan needs to also more and change with the business, it’s not something done once and left in a draw. It’s a creature which should evolve with the business.

With years of experience of helping start-ups grow, we’ll work with you to create a business plan to make the most of opportunities and avoid pitfalls.


Common business planning challenges

  • Where can I find funding?
  • What is a business plan and why do I need one?
  • What red tape do I need to be aware of?


How we can help

In the start-up phase, we see our role as educators, helping you understand what it takes to create a successful business. We’ll also make you aware of potential problems and navigate the red tape that can hamper start-ups.


We will help you with all the moving parts and put them into a plan for you:

  • Funding plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Operational plan
  • Financial plan
  • Budgets and cash flows
  • Introductions to other professionals like lawyers


Company Secretarial Services

Companies and their officeholders need to be aware of and meet their obligations under the Corporations Act 2001.

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) acts as the corporate regulator in Australia and penalties may be imposed for non-compliance.


Do you want to take the guess work out of:

  • What to do to remain compliant with the Corporations Act 2001?
  • What ASIC forms to use?
  • What minutes or resolutions to prepare?
  • How to prepare and complete the necessary documents?
  • Where and when to submit the documents?

DASperth are registered agents with ASIC (29706), we can give you an efficient, straight forward and convenient way of helping you with the above for a low annual fee.


Tax Structuring

When you 1st start in business laying good foundations is key to longevity and sustainability. DASperth prides itself in ensuring you get this right from the start. Our tax manager Peter Sanders is an expert in tax structures.


Common tax structuring challenges

  • What the right company structure for my start up?
  • Once I make profits, will I be tax efficient?
  • How do I protect my assets?


How we can help

We’ll help you legally minimise your tax, manage risk and improve your cash flow. All without affecting your bottom line.

This leaves you to focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that we’re looking after your tax affairs.

The tax solution is different for every business – we never use a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we’ll meet with you face-to-face to create your tax strategy. The personal approach is central to our tax team and we’ll meet with you regularly to fine tune your tax plan.

Our tax team is led by Peter Sanders. Pete takes a research intensive approach to tax management and the whole team have deep knowledge of current tax law.

Pete is supported by Andrew Findlay, who has 19yrs of experience in tax under his belt.