Super Stream makes Super simple. All employers need to use SuperStream when paying super.

Until now, making super payments for employees has often meant lots of payments to different funds in different ways, taking several hours to complete.

SuperStream is here to change that, making the job easier, faster, better.

With SuperStream, super payments are electronic, and you can pay all your employees’ super and send their information through one channel, saving you time and effort.

To get started, you need to choose an option to make super contributions electronically. These include: your payroll system, you super fund’s online system or a super clearing house.

You can also ask your accountant or bookkeeper to help you with one of these options.

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Check that your option is SuperStream ready.

Next, you need to collect key information on your employees, including their tax file number and a unique super identifier.

Once you have all the information, enter it into your system.

Finally, you should start using SuperStream as soon as possible so you can ensure everything is running smoothly and enjoy the benefits.

Many employers are now paying super in just minutes.

If you have 19 or fewer employees, you must be SuperStream ready by the 30th of June 2016.

If you have 20 or more employees, you should be using SuperStream now.

To learn more about getting ready for SuperStream, go to