Peter Sanders

Managing Director
(B.Comm, CPA)

(08) 9228 4622

Peter Sanders

Managing Director (B.Comm, CPA)

Peter’s career has been dedicated to roles in public practice. He joined DASperth in 2015, and has been a driving force within the team.

Peter was initially employed as a Tax Manager of DASperth.

The pinnacle of Peter’s professional career came in February 2017 when he was appointed as DASperth’s Managing Director & Sole Owner. In this role, Peter is not only a mentor to all accountants, but continues to steer DASperth to new levels with his extensive knowledge, innovative thinking and wealth of experience.

Peter is devoted to delivering a full range of tax consulting services to our clients aimed at achieving their goals and maximising their outcomes.

Utilising his many years of experience, Peter is able to provide innovative tax planning strategies, identify and mitigate tax risks while continuing to improve processes by developing and implementing best practices.